Yo Paolo
I received a call today froma guy named Patrick, he said we
were in Chatolic school together when i were 16 years old.
At first I dident remember him, then the image came fooding
into my ind. We laughed as we reminiscod the old days of our
youth, sneaking out school, doing drugs, fighting, chasing
girls. He would sell me his lunch so he could buy cigarettes
to puff inj the school-yard,"Time flys my fried" he said, with
a sense of quiet desperation in his voice. This seems to be a
popular phenomenon these days when I speak with people my age.
Have we done what we wanted ro do in our lives? Who oare
we? What wild happen to us when its over? All my friends in N.Y.
want'out.People in L.A. are talking about changing there life
style to relax more, stop living such a commercialy motivated
existence. Perhaps an early retirement,a new city, new country,
a new life. Never before have I heard so much restlesaness in
people voices. As if we know we are alla doing or partecipating
in something immoral ad self destructive, and have been doing
it so long we have lost touch with out primal needs, clean air
and natural food, free time. etc... all thrown out the window
for a tide of economic greed. Today we have the first running
train in Los Angeles, going from downtown L.A. to Downtown long
Beach. This is a turning point in L.A. history, We must give up
these cards.You should see the smog in Santiago,butterfly fall
dead from the trees,people stay in doors,carsm with odd number
platea are kept off the roads. Its a shadowy existence under
sun blocking rain clouds with no moisture,only scot and oil.
I got a call from Annalisa this morning, the Italian girl I
write to. She wanted to come to Hollywood in August and stay at
my apto. I may have to decline, my place is small and my Girlfriend
is staying with me after being removed from this hause were
she was renting a room from a old Jewish Bitch who made my girls

life miserable, then after getting her to move out refused to
return her $400 dollars security deposit. I was so upset about
this cheap Jewish bitch I could not sleep, I wanted to burn her
house down.
I called her up to resolve the problem but she was rude and obnox-
-ious. I lost my temper and called her everything in the book!!
If she dose not return my girlfriends money I will do sicilian
revenge! Perhaps putting out for sale signs all over the Mexican
neighborhoods bringing hundreds of them in there low rider cars
with beer cane to the jews posh neighborhood. Knocking on her
door at 7am trying to buy old TV,Sadios,Furniture, etc.......
Do you have any good ideas? Let me know.Did you get the L.A.
weekly?I sent it insured hoping to discourage the post man
Whats new in Italy? Is there a large feminist movement? How is
your life?I asked my surfer friend how is this new girlfriend,
he responded "She chews on the knob ond swollows the grog"
That's the L.A. surfer slang for a blow job.
Ciao for now